Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY - 3 vertical dividers

DIY personalized dividers with your own photo

What we need?

 - scrap-booking paper with patterns on both sides -

- cardboard - 
- scissors - 
- pencil -
-  puncher -
- laminator and laminating pouches -
- photos -

1. I use self made  cardboard templates

this time I chose vintage looking paper

2. take cardboard template, find right spot, mark and cut, punch holes, see how they fit

Tutorial on YT

3. little bit of scrap-booking, make your unique collage, add stamps, stickers of your choice, add personal photo 

A laminator is a piece of equipment that fuses 2 pieces of plastic together with paper in between

- Place Your project  in to laminating pouch
- Preheat your laminator
- Laminate 
- Cut

and You get unique divider

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