Monday, August 10, 2015

My new VdS !!!

So excited I just bought my new planner it is a custom made
standard Van der Spek (personal size in Filofax world)
This is my first personal size planner. So far I have Filofax pocket Malden.
you can see my set-up video on YT:

as you can probably tell I needed more space :)
Order details:
  • inside-color: 15- Viola
  • outside-color: 235 - black ostrich
  • inside-stitching: 15- Viola
  • outside-stitching: 235 - Black Ostrich
  • mechanism: 25 mm silver
  • stiffener: Yes

Zipper Compartment Standard
Leather Flyleaf Standard

 This is the real color

VdS set-up soon...

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  1. Oh my - so incredibly in love with that colour! Very envious 😊