Sunday, August 19, 2012

Your photos on wood - Transferring photos to other surfaces

 Old wooden wardrobes door 

turned into a unique image

what will be needed :

 bowl of water, "transfer medium" = transfer glaze, finishing varnish, printing from the printer, brushes, paints

 Image transfer technique depends on:

1. Transfer glaze - pay special attention to what printing you have to use: laser or inkjet

2. Paper or film - using a special transfer paper you don't have to scrape

 the best finishing varnish ever :)

"transfer medium" using rule:
you should paint only the picture not going beyond the framework

In my case I break this rule on purpose because I want to get the effect of the emergence of the image.

 I recommend using old door to do a unique image - best suits the high ceilings and staircases. If you don't have a place to hang a picture so long, you can always do the horizontal project.

Video Tutorial 

Those are my beloved furry friends, they unfortunately are no longer with us. 
This is my way to remember them

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